Frequently Asked Questions

That depends primarily on how much water you use and what the quality of that water is. Typically you will want to start feeding with a total EC of around 1.5 and increase depending on how the plants perform. To calculate how much to use per watering you will need to consider your baseline EC and how much water you use per feeding. Check out our calculator to get started.

The best way to apply is with some kind of injection system, such as a Dosatron or other fertigation system. The other option is to mix bulk tanks and water directly from those. Amending the soil with the nutrients ahead of time is not recommended.

The fertilizer is a mixture of salts, in the exact form the plants will take up. It is not an organic style fertilizer, but you can still meet organic compliance with Hemp Fertilizer. Compliance with organic certifications is typically dictated by pesticide use, not food source.

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Not at this point, but we are always available for a conversation about your project. We have seen a lot of applications and would be happy to help point you in the right direction.


Saftety Data Sheets

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