Let’s grow together through our Partnership Program.

We are looking to add to this program with key farms from different regions. If you become a partner you will save on costs, build your brand by gaining social media presence and know how, learn and gain experience through other partners, and help to grow this new Hemp and CBD industry all while influencing it’s growth. 


Smaller farms with the ability to improvise, those looking to cut costs on products we supply, farmers with a drive to maximize land use, and those who want to build a brand or brand awareness.

We are looking for farms with a small amount of acreage that we could potentially
sponsor with our fertilizer and other products as they come on line.

We are looking for partners open to data sharing, this information includes things
like fert rates, yields, and general success info. We want to work together to refine
the process which will ensure all of our success.

HempFertilizer is looking for partners open to incorporating new ideas. Maybe
the next unconventional suggestion yields unconventionally awesome results?

It’s a plus if you can or are willing to accommodate multiple methodologies to
help us determine the best solutions based on all of the unique variables of
your farm.

With over 100K organic followers on multiple platforms we have experience and
vast reach within the cannabis and hemp community, we will work
alongside each other to help build each others brands up and further your
network. We will expect for you to post or share content with us so that we can
repost that content and build your brand and network by showing our results.


When you partner with HempFertilizer you will get a series of great benefits.


Deep Discounts or Full Sponsorship

On fertilizer and other products we release


Access to Information

Information to help you that we have gathered from other partners and customers with similar needs or situations


Social Media Benefits

• Grow your network
• Build brand awareness
• Become a key player within our global community

Wanna Join?

We Are Now Accepting Applications
for the 2021 Season

Click the link below to provide your social media credentials and tell us a little but about your grow. If your application is accepted a HempFertilizer team member will reach out to you ASAP to get our partnership in motion.

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